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Big Beakers Bundle

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For larger size Medium birds up through XLarge birds

What’s included?

1/2 Dozen Beakers Donuts by Royal Avian — Treat your favorite parrot to some Talon Treats! Beakers Donuts are a fun foraging foot toy for your parrots. Perfect for medium to XL Parrots. The Beakers Donuts are made of wood with holes for stuffing with your parrots favorite treats. Beakers Half Dozen: 7 2″Wooden Donuts

8 oz shelled Pine Nuts from Argires Snack

Eucalyptus Twigs and Pods with Ceylon Cinnamon Stick from China Prairie — Enrichment from Nature!

Large Foraging Pillow from Planet Pleasures - This is a shreddable colorful and fun forager your bird will enjoy exploring! Hide all sorts of favorite treats.

Foraging Munch Ball by Cheep Thrills — A large vine ball crammed full of popsicle sticks and crinkle shreds that will drive your bird nuts! Watch as they toss and roll it around while trying to get the goodies from inside. Approximately 5" in diameter

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