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Bird Street Bistro Variety 3 Pack (Southern Feast on the Fly 12 oz, Apple Berry 11 oz; Hearty Veggies 12 oz)

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Southern Feast Bird Food Ingredients: Organic couscous, organic bulgur wheat, organic hulled millet, organic rolled oats, non-GMO dried carrots, non-GMO dried peppers, organic quinoa, non-GMO almond pieces, parsley, organic cayenne pepper, basil leaves, ground cumin, dried kelp. AppleBerry Parrot Food Ingredients: Pre-cooked brown rice, organic couscous, organic rolled triticale, organic hulled millet, organic rolled barley, organic quinoa, unsulphured dried apple, organic dried cranberries, organic dried blueberries, non-GMO dried carrot, non-GMO almond pieces, organic coconut, organic ceylon cinnamon, anise seed. Hearty Veggies Ingredients: Non-GMO rice, organic hulled millet, organic yellow split peas, organic bulgur wheat, non-GMO green lentils, organic pearled barley, organic quinoa, non-GMO almonds, dried celery, non-GMO dried carrots, non-GMO dried red and green bell peppers, organic cayenne pepper, cumin, dried kelp.

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