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Christmas Pickles Bundle for Small and Medium Birds.

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For tiny and small size birds and also mixed flocks that include medium size birds — What’s included?

Parrot Patio Small - NEW! Small 5" x 7" Color Cage Mount Parrot Patio hand made in USA by Bite Me Birdie

If you want natural or a specific color please include a note in the comments. I will do my best to accommodate your request!

Comes with hardware attached so that you can easily add it to your birds environment. Comes with the toys you see pictured also included. This gets your birds moving around and foraging! This gets them utilizing areas of their cages they don't normally frequent. Once you get accustomed to using parrot patios and platform perches you will find you will want to add more and more. Birds really do enjoy hanging out on these. This is made with untreated pine wood.

Prairie Plus Christmas Carol Crunch - 3/4 Cup Prairie Plus introduces Christmas Carol Crunch!

A ready-to-serve freeze dried holiday treat! Prairie Plus brings all the nutritional benefits of whole raw unprocessed foods blended together to make up a wonderful diverse array of veggies and herbs, selected and freeze dried in small batches to ensure freshness. This freeze dried blend is a superior revolutionary avian product that is easy, convenient, and highly nutritious. Freeze dried products retain aroma, flavor, and 97% of nutrients, making this product the perfect addition to a fresh whole food diet. Christmas Carol Crunch can be easily topped or mixed in with other dry blends and can be used to top sprouts which highlights this product's versatility! Prairie Plus 100% Natural Freeze Dried Products! Christmas Carol Crunch (Suitable for Large or Small Birds) Ingredients Freeze Dried(FD): Green Peas(FD), Okra(FD), Raspberries(FD), Shredded Unsweetened Coconut, Ceylon Cinnamon Chips, Mint(FD), Star Anise.

Snowman - natural toy for small and medium birds, soft sola wood shredding toy by Little Dinos Natural Bird Toys

Pickles for Small and Medium Birds -- Hand Made in USA

7" x 5" x 4" cage mount toy with paper cup, paper tray, napkin, cardboard roll, coffee filter, crinkle paper, wooden wheel, craft paper twist, balsa sticks, pine blocks, wooden discs and palm daisy. Perfect for Small and Medium Birds. - By Bite Me Birdie

Christmas Tree Medium by Bite Me Birdie -- Every bird needs to style their crib for the holidays and heres the perfect way to do that! ~10" Hand Made in the USA

Teaser Rattle Foot Toy for Small and Medium Size Birds By Brainy Bird Toys. Perfect for your small and medium birds who like to discover the sounds of a rattle! You can hide things inside and the bolts are locking bolts so they cannot be removed.

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