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Deluxe NU Perch Table Top Parrot Climbing Tree - by Parrot Wizard

$319.99 or more
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Normal Price is: $349.99. Made in the USA.

This is an Amazing Table Top Climbing Play Gym allowing your bird to get exercise and play time without taking up a lot of space in your home. It's portable so that you can move it from room to room.

The NU Perch Tabletop tree is the ultimate tabletop perch for your parrot. Bring a piece of nature to your bird that is suitable for the home. It features comfortable NU Perches, easy to clean base, all parrot-safe stainless steel hardware, toy hooks, and many perch slots so you can arrange it the way you like! These trees are highly customizable so that you and your parrot can have a blast using them.

Each tree is custom made to be a superb experience. The perches are shaped to provide maximum grip and comfort to your parrot's feet. Each perch has a stainless steel toy hook to provide ample options for hanging toys.

The NU in NU Perch stands for Natural/Unnatural. This is because the patented NU Perch® design blends the best of both natural and artificially made perches. They provide the comfort and randomness of natural perches while also assuring the safety and consistency of artificially made ones. This tree joins a whole line of NU Perch products including training perches, tabletop perches, window perch, cage perches, and a scale. This provides your parrot with a familiarity of a single line of perches that can be used everywhere. Your bird will recognize the "bird approved" places in your home when you use the full line of NU Perches.

The tree comes with 8x twist in NU Perches but 12x slots that you can put them into. This allows you the flexibility to change the layout of your tree. Or you can buy some additional perches and have them run from top to bottom. The standard layout puts 4x perches into the top canopy and 4x perches filling all of the top slots. This keeps the bird from going on the bottom. However, if you want your bird to get down or have a handicapped (or clipped) bird that needs to be able to get up from the bottom, the perches can be arranged in a spiral from bottom to top.

The Tabletop Tree is made for all small to medium parrot species including Budgie, Cockatiel, Lovebird, Parrotlet, Any Conure, Monk (Quaker) Parrot, Senegal Parrot, African Grey, Eclectus, Amazon, Small Cockatoos, and Hahn's Macaw.

The base is an easy to clean 18x18 inch base with decorative border to keep the mess in. The tree is a bit over 24 inches tall, 16 inches wide. The twist in perches are 6 inches. Assembly is incredibly easy. Simply twist the tree trunk into the base, the tree top into the trunk, and the perches into the slots on the top/trunk.

You can rest assured that bird safety is a top concern. No metal is used on any part of the tree that isn't stainless steel. Additional or replacement perches can be ordered below. Larger sized trees available.

*Note birds and toys are not included. Some photos show tree with additional optional perches. 8x twist-in perches are included but up to 12 perches can be installed at once.
· Comfortable NU Perches
· Deluxe easy to clean base
· Ample toy hooks
· All stainless steel hardware
· Made in USA

*Due to the bulky nature of this product there is a $12.99 shipping charge (this shipping charge is at a discount, it won't cover the actual shipping charges as that will be higher than $12.99)

*Please allow up to 1 week to process your order.

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