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Garden Terrace Platform Perch by Feathered Addictions

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Lovely, rounded, raw-edged wood basswood platform--nice and thick 1" for long lasting performance. Beautiful little flowerpots sit along the edge of the terrace platform for some fun chewing, pulling and tugging, and activity area to keep little birdies occupied and engaged. Included are little wood plant pots, wood flowers, wooden beads, and all tied on with some natural leather lace. Two stainless steel bolts are attached for a strong, sturdy, rust-free hold and four washers, two wing nuts.

Measurements: roughly 8" x 5" deep, but size may differ depending on each natural round size.
Ideal size for: small sized birds such as budgies and lovebirds and medium size birds up to the size of a grey.
A Feathered Addictions original design!
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