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Polypropylene Spiral

$69.99 or more
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Product Details
  • I finally found a spiral aka boing that is safer and lasts! 

    This is NOT cotton as I would not recommend using cotton as there are known for impaction and ingestion danger. This is a recyclable, responsible Polypropylene which is a durable material that believe it or not IT IS WASHABLE! 



    Can be used Indoors or out

    Easy to repair (hope to have a repair video soon)

    Due to the bulk nature of this item there is a fixed rate for shipping but If you add on this to a bundle box order it’s only $69.99 (to take advantage of the better pricing, choose this add on in the section you purchase your food or enrichment bundles)

    This is a multi color (colors might vary from time to time) and is 1.5” in width in terms of perch diameter and can be stretched to a length you need up to 96”

    This spiral would be best for medium to large size birds. Not suitable though for an Alexandrine, the natural spiral (one step down size smaller than this, 1” diameter would be better suited for them). 

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