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Set of 4 Small Parrot - Conure, Caique, Indian Ringneck, Senegal (NOT Green Cheek) DUMMYEGGS®

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Set of 4

Conure DummyEggs, Caique DummyEggs, Rosella DummyEggs, Senegal DummyEggs, Pionus DummyEggs, Jardine DummyEggs, Indian Ringneck DummyEggs, Hahn’s & Noble Macaw & similar sized birds

Made in USA exclusively by DummyEggs®

1-1/4" x 1" (3.2 x 2.5 cm) White Solid Plastic

Vet Approved Way to Control Your Bird’s Egg Laying Cycle Safely, Naturally, Quickly!


HOW TO USE DIRECTIONS included with purchase.

(Please NOTE/ *Use 1" dummy eggs for Green Cheek & Dusky Conures not these)

Your bird will think she has all the eggs she needs!

The DummyEggs® Brand fake Small Parrot eggs, provide an efficient, fast, and natural tool to control unwanted breeding and egg laying in Conure size birds. Our realistic, solid white, non-toxic plastic eggs, are modeled after real Conure eggs, are made in the USA, and measure 1 1/4" long by 1" across. They are also a perfect match for similar size species including Caique, Indian Ringneck, Rosella, Senegal, Pionus, Jardine, Hahn’s and Noble Macaw. DummyEggs® bird egg reproductions are used to control egg laying by replacing live eggs and simulating a full clutch of eggs. Please read our important directions included with your order carefully, there is a lot of information provided for your success in using DUMMY EGGS.

Please read our directions included with your order carefully.

The Topics Covered Are:

• Where can I find DummyEggs® brand eggs for sale?
• How Do Dummy Eggs Stop Egg Laying in pet parrots & birds?
• Are non-toxic solid plastic fake eggs safe and what are DummyEggs® made of?
• What do I do with real unwanted eggs that my parrot or bird have laid?
• How many dummy eggs do I put in her cage or nest at once?
• How long before the egg laying cycle starts over again?
• When do I remove the DummyEggs® from my bird’s cage or nest?
• How does my bird behave when she is getting ready to lay eggs?
• Can plastic dummy eggs work to replace both fertile and infertile eggs?
• Can Dummy Eggs help serious avian health conditions like chronic egg laying or egg binding?
• Will a fake egg stimulate a hen to start laying a clutch of eggs?
• How do I know what egg size I need for my pet bird Conures?

Average Small Parrot Incubation 27 days / Clutch: 4

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