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Set of 7 Blue Green Canary DUMMYEGGS®

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Designed to Match Real Canary Eggs 1/2" x 11/16"
Vet Approved Way to Control Your Bird's Egg Laying Cycle...
Safely, Naturally, Quickly!

HOW TO USE DIRECTIONS included with purchase.

Your bird will think she has all the eggs she needs!

Control Egg Laying! Fast, Safely, Naturally. DummyEggs brand Canary Eggs are made from non-toxic plastic with blue-green dye and speckles embedded in the hard plastic. They ARE NOT PAINTED with toxic paint a bird can easily chew off as are many other brands. Our exclusive canary eggs are a realistic measurement of 1/2" x 11/16" and were modeled after real canary eggs and made in the USA. Your bird will happily sit on them and never know you have replaced her real eggs. These little birds are prolific breeders laying many eggs in a clutch with consecutive cycles year-round. To use, place all the dummies in a bowl inside her cage. This signals her DNA to stop producing more eggs and that it is time to incubate. No stress on her body, and no stress on you! Egg laying is a normal function but can cause great anxiety in owners and health risks to your bird. Remove the fake eggs when she is back to her non-hormonal self. Breeders use dummy eggs to increase chick survival by replacing laid eggs with plastic and mechanically incubating the real ones. Please read our directions included with your order carefully. There is a lot of information in them that is very important for your success controlling breeding when using DummyEggs.

Please read our directions included with your order carefully.

The Topics Covered Are:

• Where can I find DummyEggs® brand eggs for sale?
• How Do Dummy Eggs Stop Egg Laying in pet parrots & birds?
• Are non-toxic solid plastic fake eggs safe and what are DummyEggs® made of?
• What do I do with real unwanted eggs that my parrot or bird have laid?
• How many dummy eggs do I put in her cage or nest at once?
• How long before the egg laying cycle starts over again?
• When do I remove the DummyEggs® from my bird’s cage or nest?
• How does my bird behave when she is getting ready to lay eggs?
• Can plastic dummy eggs work to replace both fertile and infertile eggs?
• Can Dummy Eggs help serious avian health conditions like chronic egg laying or egg binding?
• Will a fake egg stimulate a hen to start laying a clutch of eggs?
• How do I know what egg size I need for my pet bird Canary?

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