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Sola Log Cabin by Bonka Bird Toys

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2610 Sola Log Cabin: A Natural Retreat for Joyful Bird Exploration

Introduce a slice of nature into your bird's habitat with the 2610 Sola Log Cabin by Bonka Bird Toys. This enchanting bird playhouse, designed with a deep understanding of avian needs, stands as a testament to natural beauty and exploration, perfectly sized for medium-sized birds like Conures, Quakers, and Caiques.

Natural Habitat for Joyful Exploration:

Crafted with love for your feathered friends, the Sola Log Cabin measures approximately 12 inches in height and 5 inches in width, making it an ideal retreat within your pet's cage. Weighing only 2 ounces, this lightweight accessory promises easy installation and rearrangement, enhancing your bird's living space without hassle.

Engaging Foraging Fun:

Beyond its charming appearance, the Log Cabin excels in stimulating your bird's natural foraging instincts. Constructed from natural sola logs and rustic cardboard, it encourages birds to navigate and explore, offering endless opportunities for instinctual play and discovery.

Aesthetic Meets Activity:

The 2610 Sola Log Cabin is more than a toy; it's an art piece that adds aesthetic value to your bird's environment. Made from eco-friendly materials, it not only serves as a creative habitat for your bird but also blends beautifully with your home decor, offering the best of both worlds.

Easy to Install, Effortless to Enjoy:

Designed for convenience, the Log Cabin can be quickly set up as your bird's new favorite spot. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, ready to withstand the rigors of explorative play and foraging activities.

Perfect for Petite Perchers:

This toy is tailored for medium-sized birds, facilitating a happier and healthier lifestyle through playful engagement and natural exploration.

Elevate your bird's daily adventures with the 2610 Sola Log Cabin - a perfect blend of natural allure and playful functionality, ready to enchant your avian companion.

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