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My name is Louann, I am the owner and creator of Parrotsrus on Instagram, Founder and President of C4AW Org (which stands for Collaborating 4 Avian Wellness) where a team of small businesses and professionals in the avian community work together to create solutions for all bird parents helping to improve the lives of all birds and the people who care for them. I am also a BIRD MOM myself of 6 fabulous exotic birds. My “feathered kids” are: Kramer (CAG), Hannibal and Curacao (Hyacinth Macaws), Versace (Harlequin Macaw), Maui (Black Palm Cockatoo) and Prince (Toco Toucan).

My admiration for birds began at the early age of 4-5 years young when my dad’s cousin rescued a Mynah Bird named Charlie…. Needless to say I was smitten by him and the fact he SPOKE to me! Ever since then I have had a longing to be around birds and relentless curiosity about them. 

As a kid, my curiosity and passion for birds in general was a constant. I read any books and magazines I could find about birds yet parrots in particular became my focus. I studied them, learned about their behavior, why they do what they do, how to train them and eventually set a goal of one day for sure sharing my life with one!! Luckily my parents supported me to get my start with “Bird” my first parrot, a hand tamed beautiful parakeet and the only other bird I have shared my life with besides my flock of 6 today. Bird was nothing short of amazing! He spoke very well, I successfully trained him (which was a huge confidence boost for me) and he very quickly became a loved member of our family.

I am constantly continuing my avian education to insure of course I can offer what’s best for my birds to support their wellness yet also equally as important to me is to be the best role model and support to others as well. Throughout my journey of sharing our daily life on social media naturally my knowledge continued to evolve and as a result of this constant learning quickly realized that I needed to continue to evolve to keep doing better for my own birds…. And this is how the C4AW team / Parrotsrus bundle boxes was all invented!


It all began by my research and learning about the use of concerning feed grade ingredients, cheap fillers widely used, the high heat processing techniques along with the likely consequences to the health of birds. Honestly, I felt I was dupped and lied to all of these years by what the parrot food labels were telling me. This was my Ah-Ha moment where I knew I had to DO Better and I couldn’t help to want to SHARE my knowledge with the world!! This is when I committed to taking a diversity of raw whole feeding approach.

I immediately went on the prowl to procure the very best human grade USDA organic ingredients not feed grade ingredients (there’s a big difference!). This is when our C4AW / Parrotsrus dry mix recipes were born, tested, refined and then shared! Our formulations are nutritionally balanced, diverse, unprocessed and created with the assistance of a degreed biologist and zoo consultant who has worked closely with Dr Karen Becker. 

After freely sharing my approach and recipes with the world, shortly thereafter, I realized I needed to create a solution to make this way of feeding Convenient, Easy and Affordable which is how the Thrive Bundle Boxes were born! A Parrot “Meal Kit” if you will:  We put everything you need inside 1 bundle box delivered to your door with no shipping charges (in the USA) with instructions included along with my 1:1 support throughout the process.


A huge shoutout to the great C4AW small businesses!! It’s because of these great companies who are part of the C4AW team I am able to meet the needs of Bird parents and deliver a service that every Bird Parent needs… all at the same time supporting our Mission of improving the lives of birds in human care!


We now also have and carry some of the best in class Foraging Enrichment, Whole Food Supplement and Healthy Bird Snack Bundles in addition to general Parrot Care items and unique gifts for the human flock 😉.

Honesty and Integrity:

I have worked hard to build a highly engaged platform within an amazing community of bird moms and dads! Whether it's through the flock "good morning" wake up routines, our weekly raw food mash prep nights, flock training sessions, cage cleaning routines or just simply life occurrences, the community of my current and future supporters means the world to me. I have always been very selective about the small businesses, products and services I utilize with my flock and in turn share with my community and have evolved along the way as I continue to learn. If products or businesses don't meet my best in class quality standards, even if they once did pass that test but they no longer do, I move on to seek the very best or partner with C4AW businesses to formulate the very best to reach and deliver to you the upmost highest standards. I am NOT settling for anything BUT the VERY BEST for your birds and mine! I stay true to my mission first and foremost which is all about improving the lives of all birds and the people who care for them. My instagram Fam is a part of my tribe, my inspiration, my motivation to keep reaching for the solutions to any of the challenges that bird parents face. I love you all, thank you for your support! 

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