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NEW! Just Sprouts! - Ready to Serve

Prairie Plus introduces Just Sprouts! Psittacine Blend. A ready-to-serve air dried blend consisting of China Prairie sprouts. PLUS a bit of herbs and flowers!

Prairie Plus brings all the nutritional benefits of sprouts together with a wonderful diverse array of other ingredients. Just Sprouts! is a superior avian product that is easy, convenient, and highly nutritious. Air dried products retain aroma, flavor, and nutrients, and have a nice Crunch! Making Just Sprouts the perfect addition to a fresh whole food diet.
Just Sprouts! can be easily mixed in with other dry blends or components which highlights this product's versatility!
Great for when fresh sprouts are not available, can be served as is as a dry blend and also be added to chop as the sprouts rehydrate up very nicely. Makes a convenient food to leave pet sitters or boarding situations too!

Proudly Made and Air Dried in the USA. STORE IN COOL DRY PLACE BEST BY 1 YEAR
This unique, all natural, and healthy blend was formulated with Lou @Parrotsrus and Flock! To be enjoyed and relished by small & large parrots.
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