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Cage Liners by Cage Catchers

I have been using these for many years, these are the best in the industry and am happy to be able to now offer these on our site making shopping for your birds easier to do.

A Better Way to Line your Tray!

Unique Cage Catchers are designed to eliminate unsightly and unsanitary conditions of your bird cages for only pennies. The special hypo-allergenic treated paper bird cage liners from Cage Catchers are designed to allow placing a full weeks supply in each bird tray bottom.

About CageCatchers

Unique CageCatchers™ waxed paper liners are designed to allow placing a full week's supply in each cage bottom. Simply remove one each day to keep your cages fresh and clean while saving time and money. Further, CageCatchers' smooth, white, non-absorbent surface allows at-a-glance checking of droppings for signs of illness, distress or other problems.

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