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Whole Food Supplements 

I am a firm believer and have been adding these organic supplements to our birds diet for years. 


And here’s some of my reasons and my opinions in doing so:


Organic Coconut Oil 

I believe it protects them from disease as it may help protect them from cell-damaging free radicals. I also believe it helps to boost and regulate their metabolism to keep their weight under control.

The biggest reasons for me are:

Organic coconut oil is jam-packed with lauric acid, which supports the immune system and since its high in lauric it actually may reduce the activity of the fungus, bacteria, and viruses that cause various illnesses. Also I believe it promotes heart health. An added bonus?: it’s also great for beak conditioning and minor abrasions


Organic Palm Oil

My main reason to offer this regularly to my flock is for insuring they have ample Vitamin A.

In my opinion, Red palm oil has great health benefits and is a highly concentrated source of Vitamin A, with 15 times more carotenoids than carrots (you can tell by the beautiful, rich red color). Vitamin A is one of those areas that birds on processed diets or not a diverse enough diets seem to lack. 

How I offer these great oils:


1. Smear it on a favorite raw food such as sliced bananas (I try to switch off every other day between oils)

2. I also add both oils to my Kramer’s Bird Bread from TOPs Parrot Food to sneak in the added nutrition

3. I don’t exactly measure but I would say about 1/4 teaspoon per serving for a medium size and large size bird

Whole Food Supplements

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