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Organic Eucalyptus

Our Eucalyptus are organic, untreated and safe for intended use for our birds.


Rinse your leaves and wipe them with a damp cloth or paper towel. Pat leaves dry. Place them in a vase or bowl and keep the stems in water or put them in the refrigerator. Every week or so, get the leaves wet or soak the sticks for a few minutes to rehydrate them. Your leaves should stay fresh for 1-3 weeks.

The best storage is to keep in the freezer. They do not freeze! They just stop "aging".

The Eucalyptus is shipped from the eucalyptus farmer for freshness.

It will arrive in it's natural state, no fancy packaging, just wholesome natural enrichment for your bird.

Suggestions for Use:

- Make a bed of leaves for your birds cage for them to lie on and play with.

- Hand leaves or sticks on outside of theri cage, hanging in and down.

- Try hanging them in. the shower or with your bath to create soothing and healing vapors.

- Or come up with your own enrichment ideas!

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