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International Orders & Shipping - What to know!

Unboxing of our Healthy & Fun Avian Snacks

by Sophie

We now offer international ordering and shipping to all countries including the UK, with the exception of the other non-UK European Union Territories (*for non-UK EU see below) and Australia.


Please note, in order to ship to the UK (as Sophie's video mentions), you will need to utilize a US shipping resource such as: MyUS - Get 20% off Your First Shipment* utilizing Sophies referral link.

You would place your order with us here. MyUS will provide you with their US shipping address which we will ship to on your behalf for FREE and then they will arrange to ship directly to your UK shipping address. Here's another company used by our customers called Stackry. For your convenience we are also including a referral link here:


For all other international orders you can now place your order here and we will follow up with an electronic shipping invoice which will be sent to your email address. 

*For international shipping to European Union Territories here's a few resources to consider utilizing (i.e. we would ship to their US shipping address for FREE or a Flat Rate of $9.99 depending upon what you order and they will arrange to ship directly to you):,, . Once you decide on a shipping solution you can place your order by emailing us.

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