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Apple Spice Air Freshener -- Simply Steep in Boiling Water to fill the air! Can be stored in the fridge and reused for several days.

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Available in 3 natural scents: Citrus Spice, Apple Spice and Hibiscus Lemon Berry. I get asked frequently about bird safe ways to add some fragrance into your homes. In my opinion, there's no safe candle or melt that can or should be used around our birds. Here's a natural and safe option! Bird Safe Air Fresheners!!! How exciting is this product? CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Created with love by Finleys Exotic Treats.

These fabulous scents can be steeped, cooled, and added to a pump spray bottle, or simmered on the stove, (this also puts a bit of humidity into the home). The best part is that your bird can actually eat the items used to create these smooth scents. Remember those fabulous little potpourri crock pots we all used to have... go find yours and give it wash, add your new bird safe air freshener with water and fill your home with these great scents. As a household remedy addition, you can stick them in your dresser drawers and closets. Cinnamon and clove are a natural pest control. These can easily aid in detouring mice and bugs.

Made with Dehydrated Apples, Ground Cinnamon, Ground Cloves, Whole Cloves & Whole Cinnamon Sticks.

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