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Parrot Patio - Small 5" x 7" Color Cage Mount

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Product Details

This is perfect for tiny, small and most medium size birds.

5" x 7"cage mount pine patio with four wells to fill with dried food, treats or small toys. 

Patio is side is plain, one side has snack wells. Small birds can stretch their feet on the flat patio while eating from the treat well. 

Platform can be reused, and replacement toy packs   are available. Comes with cardboard roll, plastic nut and bolt, beehive bead   and porcupine ball. Other themed replacement packs coming soon! Eat, play, relax, repeat...       

Comes with hardware attached so that you can easily add it to your birds environment.

This gets your birds moving around and foraging!

This get them utilizing areas of ther cages they don't normally farequent. Once you get accustomed to using parrot patios and platform perches you will find you will want to add more and more. (and they will too!).

Birds really do enjoy hanging out on these.

You can get free shipping on this item if you add this to a bundle by choosing this within the add on section. 

Hand made in USA by Bite Me Birdie

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