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Human Flock Enrichment & Gifts

This is where Convenience meets Raw, Whole Food diversity!

Many of you have been joining me in my kitchen for years as I prepare my weekly raw food mash and for YEARS you have been asking me to be able to buy this wholesome food …. so I am so happy to say … it’s now available to purchase!


It’s all fresh veggies, sprouts, spices and some dry ingredients including edible flowers and unsweetened coconut then it’s Freeze Dried.


We have 2 blends:

Big Beak Blend — includes 55 ingredients!!

Small Beak Blend — includes 35 ingredients!!

Why is this Freeze Dried weekly raw food mash so good for your birds?

It’s raw, it’s diverse …and freeze drying (not to be confused with dehydrated!) retains over 95% of the nutrients of the fresh mash.

This will save you time, save you $ as there’s virtually no waste plus your birds will love the crunch.

Does your bird prefer soft foods?

We have a solution! — This can also be rehydrated with a little bit of water and just like that you have a bowl of the very best nutrition available for your birds which will support their wellness.

Human Flock Enrichment & Gifts 

This basic starter box will make the transition from feeding processed foods to a diverse raw whole food diet easy! (most budget friendly, least diverse)

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