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Bell Ringer Busy Board - Stainless Steel - Hand made in the USA

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Bell Ringer Busy Board - Available in Purple or Blue -- There's limited stock so will do my best to accommodate your color preference but cannot guarantee.
This busy board comes all ready to be mounted to your bird's environment as it includes stainless steel hardware.

Measures 10" wide x 13" high (includes the length of the hanging stainless bell). The o-ring that holds the clapper is welded and the clapper is built to last and for safety. See photos.

This toy consists of a 9" diameter purple sturdy frisbee as a base and then there's SO MUCH included to keep your bird busy, foraging, shredding, discovering and of course they will love ringing the bell!

Materials include: Stainless steel hardware and bell, 7 leather stars, birdie bagels, plastic gears (great for foraging), loofah, vine stars, colorful pine wood, cardboard slates, palm flowers, acrylic bead, 9 flower charms, paper twists, cupcake holders, all strung on poly rope.

You can also refill this toy when needed.

You can request a refill kit for purchase and we will put one together for you.

Hand Made in the USA by Blu's Bird Toys

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