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Clik Stik All in One Retractable Target Stick

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Product Details

This versatile target stick designed by renowned trainer Terry Ryan is now being manufactured under the Karen Pryor Clicker Training name.

The Clik Stik ® is an all-in-one clicker and retractable target stick —perfect for trick and target training! Terry Ryan says, "The Clik Stik® combination frees up one of the trainer's hands. This combination means there's one less piece of equipment to drop, juggle or lose!"

A wonderful tool for teaching targeting, contacts and weave poles, send-aways or go-outs, heeling, and lots more. Target extends from 6-23 inches, and handle includes a belt clip for easy carrying.

Key benefits:

  • All-in-one clicker and retractable target stick
  • Fully telescoping from 6 to 23 inches
  • Can be used as clicker when rod is closed
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