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Cupcakes Hearts and Rainbows on the Patio Bundle

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Want to pick and choose items? You can also find these items listed in the Build your Own Bundle section of this website. Simply look for the name of the items you would like in the item check list to add to bag.

For small and medium birds — What’s included?

LOVEly Hanging Forager - by Little Dinos -- Basswood foraging toy for small and medium birds stuffed with natural crinkle paper. ~ 10" x 4"

Triple Scoop - by Cheep Thrills - A fun, frilly stack of sola, crinkle shred, and crunchy cupcake papers. All strung on bird safe aluminum wire. Approximately 8" long. Made in the USA.

Rainbow Tower of Balsa - by Cheep Thrills - A 6" foraging block made of untreated fir, stuffed full of colorful balsa slats.

Small Parrot Patio - by Bite Me Birdie - 5" x 7"cage mount pine patio with four wells to fill with dried food, treats or small toys. Patio is side is plain, one side has snack wells. Small birds can stretch their feet on the flat patio while eating from the treat well. Platform can be reused and replacement toy packs are available. Comes with cardboard roll, plastic nut and bolt, beehive bead and porcupine ball. Other themed replacement packs coming soon! Uses all stainless-steel hardware. Eat, play, relax, repeat...

Proudly Made in the United States.

No Shipping Charges in the USA

Although most orders are filled and shipped within a few days of ordering, there are times that due to the nature and time it takes to freeze dry, orders could take up to a week to fill. If you are in an immediate need, please include a note and I will do everything I can to expedite your order!

We now ship internationally* and can accept all orders on the site except Australia (sorry! this is due to regulations)

*Additional Shipping Fees May Apply and an electronic invoice will be sent to your email.

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