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Deluxe Table Top NU Perch - by Parrot Wizard

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Product Details

The Deluxe Tabletop NU Perch by The Parrot Wizard is the ultimate perch for use atop an existing surface. High quality, patented perch made in USA from start to finish. The comfortable NU Perch® provides your parrot a stable perching location. The perch comes atop an easy to clean 12x12 inch base with deluxe wooden border. Not only is the perch a comfortable addition for your parrot but also a stylish complement to your home.

12x12 inch size base

Perch diameter is comparable to medium NU Perches and serves as a one size fits all for all small to medium parrots including: Parakeet, Lovebird, Cockatiel, Parrotlet, Conure, Senegal, Caique, Galah, Amazon, African Grey, Eclectus, Lories, mini-Macaws, and small Cockatoos.

Assembly is as simple as can be! Simply twist the T Perch into the base. No tools necessary. Comes apart for flat, easy storage.

The perch measures approximately 10 inches across and stands about 8 inches off the base to keep long tails off the bottom. The deluxe base is very durable and easy to clean.

Product includes 1 year warranty (except for chewing/destruction by parrot) against defect.

Replacement perches are available. Now also available in a hardwood perch replacement for the persistent chewer. See replacement perch options below.

· Comfortable Medium NU Perch
· Deluxe easy to clean base
· Instant assembly
· Portable
· Stable
· Durable
· Made in USA
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