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Foraging Can be Measured Bundle for Medium and Less Destructive Large Size Birds

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For medium birds and less destructive large birds — What’s included?

Stainless Steel Measuring Pots Clacker Toy in Purple by Bonka Bird Toys

The Clacker Purple from Bonka Bird Toys is a bright and beautiful durable bird toy for your medium to large sized feathered friend. This durable bird toy has a bright bird pleasing purple color and great stainless steel measuring pots. The top of the bird toy has a heavy duty quick link connector with a heavy link chain hanging from it. This link chain passes through the center of the durable plastic joint in the middle of the toy ending with a metal ring. This metal ring has a charming assorted color acrylic pacifier hanging from it. There are (5) acrylic pacifiers on the bird toy all of them bright, smooth and translucent. The middle of the bird toy has a bright purple durable plastic joint with all of the different link chains passing through it. The vertical link chain passes through a hole on the top and bottom. The other (2) link chains pass through the (4) holes on the joint hanging chain all around. Each of these chains end with a metal ring that hang excellent beak and feet pleasing items. Your pet bird will find a brightly colored acrylic pacifier and a stainless steel measuring pot hanging from each ring. As your bird pulls on one end of the link chain the other side will pull up making for a thrilling time! The stainless steel measuring pots will also bump against each other creating wonderful bird pleasing noises. The Clacker Purple is bird safe, ships with assorted color acrylic pacifiers and weighs and measures approximately: Height: (13) inches. Width at its widest: (5) inches Awesome bright purple durable bird toy. Great stainless steel. Bird pleasing pretty acrylic pacifiers. Bird safe.

Foraging Treasure Tote - by ABirdToy - The Treasure Tote is a medium sized jute bag stuffed with goodies like bamboo shredders, colorful crinkle paper, seagrass braid and more. Adorning the bag are pieces of vine chain, spiny balls and plastic curly q's. The Treasure Tote is great for hiding things inside for your bird to find! About 8" long. Works well for Small and Medium Sized Birds.

Foraging Pillow Medium by Planet Pleasures

Polly - 20" x 3" toy with square pine blocks, birdie bagels, and paper ribbon on a poly rope. Perfect for Medium birds. - By Bite Me Birdie

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