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Foraging Flat Bundle for Mini, Small and Medium Birds

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For all size birds

Foraging Flat — Your choice of 1 of the ones pictured either Camp Fire in the Woods, Candy Shop or Carnival in Rio

2.5 oz Prairie Blossom by China Prairie -- a unique dry blend formulated specifically to encourage foraging. 15 ingredients!!

For optimal use, place in foraging trays or toys, add to dry mixes for increased diversity, or even add to your fresh chop! Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Rose buds, Rose hips, Hibiscus Flowers, Milk Thistle Seed, Lemon Grass, Ceylon Cinnamon, Cornflowers, Calendula Flowers, Lavender, Chamomile Flowers, Spray Millet, Rosemary, Freeze Dried Amaranth Microgreens, Star Anise.

Fresh Spray Millet by China Prairie 4 sprigs

Fresh Natural Organic Eucalyptus Twigs and Pods with Ceylon Cinnamon. Fresh cut organic Eucalyptus is truly an enrichment treat for all parrots large and small! The twigs and pods provide hours of fun enrichment. The eucalyptus oil inside the bark is a natural health tonic. The branches also provide trace elements and minerals that are beneficial to your birds health. The natural Eucalyptus fragrance is clean and fresh. Let you birds relish in this inquiry natural opportunity to experience Eucalyptus!

2 pack Tesoro Treats by TOPs Parrot Food (you get 1 Kramer’s and 1 original) — these treats are made of seeds which are first germinated, then gently dried by a low temperature to keep the nutrition alive. On top of all of the good nutrition of the germinated seeds, there’s turmeric, cinnamon, dulse and a pinch of cayenne pepper to increase the taste and the benefit of this yummy treat. Kramer’s treats have chopped pistachios too!

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