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Hang Tough Small, Stainless Steel - Hand made in the USA

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Hang Tough - Small Size, this toy is built on a stainless steel measuring 1/2 teaspoon with stainless beads, nuts, plastic flowers strung onto stainless 1.6mm chain. The orings are 12mm inside dia x 2.0mm thickness and are welded. The Small Hang Tough toy measures about 5" from top to bottom x 1" wide across bottom area. Choose if you want the optional quick link or not to hang toy. This toy would be good for small birds from Parakeet size, Cockatiel and similar size birds. See our image on the size comparison of the 3 Hang Tough Toys. The colored bead choices are not offered on this toy at this time. {This toy now has a small heart on the end of each chain instead of the two small beads that is shown in video.)

  • This toy is great for parakeets, lovebirds, parrotlets, linolated, cockatiels and other similar size birds, maybe even conure, caiques and other same size birds. Some birds of this size may want our medium size Hang Tough toy.

See the video of the 3 sizes of the Hang Tough Toys.
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