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JMK Harness and Leash - Color NEW! Beautiful Black Print, Size Extra Small: 110-190 grams: Quakers, Senegal’s, Sun Conures

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Product Details

Many bird parents have asked for a larger head opening to make it easier to glide onto your bird, well THIS is a solution to that!

Many bird parents have asked for a way to secure the wrist opening better, well THIS is a solution to that!

Many bird parents have asked for a harness that is harder to chew through and if chewed takes a lot longer to do so, well THIS is a solution to that!

Many bird parents have asked for a more secure connection between the stretchy lead and the harness so that it lasts longer and gets compromised less, well THIS is a solution to that!

  • This design is VERY well thought out!
  • Handmade in the Czech Republic ships from USA
  • High quality EUIPO certified parrot harness JMK

*Durable flexible lightweight polypropylene webbing
*Quality stainless steel hardware
*Detachable leash (elasticized)
*Plenty of material to open wings loop

*The wrist look is adjustable so you can tightened it without fear of it slipping off

This harness is very easy to put on and take off thanks to the large Y shape head opening .

Thickness of material

Medium 10mm

Large and XLarge 16mm

*buckle color

*stainless steel

*black stainless steal

these quality harnesses are made from durable but flexible, lightweight polypropylene webbing with quality stainless steel hardware and a detachable leash designed for ease of use.

Designed with comfort, safety and security in mind these harnesses utilize an inverted Y shape head loop to give your bird's head plenty of room when putting the harness on, plenty of extra material to get their wings through easily. Once tightened, they provide the same security as other well known brands of harness. These harnesses are easier to put on your bird!

JMK Harnesses do not include plastic welds which can be a common 'point of failure' on other harnesses. And the thickness of the material along with durability make these much harder to chew through if you have a harness chewing bird.

There are 5 sizes designed to suit parrots from as small as 110g up to the largest species of Cockatoos and Macaws.

The X-Small, Small and Medium come in a 10mm webbing.

The Large and X-Large come in a 16mm webbing.

Currently I keep Medium through XL in stock. Upon special request I can also get you the xsmall and small which will require an extra week or so to ship.

Size Chart:

XSmall: 110g - 190g

Small: 190g - 425g

Medium: 425g - 600g

Large: 600 - 1100g (ONLY available in 16mm webbing)

X-Large: 1100g > (ONLY available in 16mm webbing)

Like all harnesses, these are designed to be utilized when your parrot is being supervised. Please do not leave your parrot on the harness unsupervised. Always check harnesses (regardless of make/brand) for damage before every use.

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