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Mini Nu Perch Parrot Training Scale

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Now introducing the mini version of the popular full size Nu Perch Parrot Training Scale. This new mini version is specifically designed for the smallest parrots and parakeets! Not only is the scale petite, but also is the perch and the readings. This scale has accuracy to 0.1g so that you can accurately measure your birds weight. 

Keeping track of your parrot’s weight is very important for your birds health. Unexpected weight loss can be an indication of illness. Excessive weight gain can also be an indication of health problems or egg production.

By familiarizing yourself with your parrots weight, you will be able to manage what you feed to keep your bird at its healthiest. We suggest to weigh your bird at the same time each day on an empty crop (typically in the morning when they wake). 

This scale is for budgies, parrotlets, lovebird, cockatiels, ringnecks, quakers, lorikeets, green cheek Conures, finches, and other small parrots weighing less than 150 grams. For larger parrots we refined the full size scale we also carry. 

Weighing and regularly monitoring baby birds is critically important too. The same holds true for when bringing any new bird into your home.

With the Nu Perch Parrot Training Scale, you will be able to read your parrots weight in seconds thanks to the familiar perch attached which is built right into the scale. The one size fits all perch allows any parrot from a budgie ti a macaw to be weighed in the same scale (especially convenient if huh have several birds). Weighing your entire flock couldn’t be easier!

For small parrots, check out the new Mini Scale with .1g accuracy.

The Nu Perch training scale is used by veterinarians, trainers, and caring parrot owners. Accuracy, stability, comfort, and usability makes this the ultimate bird weighing scale! 

The scale runs in 2 included AAA batteries which mash a long time. The scale has an automatic shut off setting so that you don’t have to worry about saving power. This scale can also be plugged in Hsiang the supplied AC adapter power cord. 

The scale can be set to read in grams or ounces, however we recommend keeping it in grams for weighing your birds. This scale comes with instructions and a weight tracking sheet to help you in managing your parrots weight. 


- Tiny scale design

- Accuracy to 0.1g 

- Familiar perch 

- Stainless steel scale top 

- Runs on batteries 

- For small parrots and parakeets 

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