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NU Perch Small by Parrot Wizard

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The unique NU Perch® is made exclusively by Parrot Wizard. These special wood perches balance the best of both natural and unnatural perches. They are the safest and most comfortable perches you can provide your parrot in its cage. NU Perches feature all stainless steel hardware for durability and to ensure your parrot's safety.

Many types of natural perches are too smooth and slippery so parrots can't comfortably grip them. NU Perches solve this problem by providing a more bumpy textured surface. Since they are machined artificially, they can be much more carefully controlled for quality and to ensure they are hazard free.

Most other machined perches are too predictable and smooth. They can be hard on parrots because they make them keep their feet in the same position all day long. This is not the case with NU Perches because they are intentionally machined to be random and imitate the best aspects of natural perches. Yet since they are machined, they are produced in a more uniform manner so when you order online, you know what you are getting. There's no surprise that you see a perch the shape you want online and then the one you get is completely different. But, because of the patented process used to manufacture NU Perches, no two perches are exactly alike. They always offer enough variation to be fun and natural like.

NU Perches are created from parrot safe, non-toxic, douglas fir wood. It is quite durable but at the same time soft enough that your parrot can have a good grip. Extra large stainless steel washers are included to ensure safe easy mounting in any cage. No tools required, simply hand tighten the included stainless steel wing nut. Hardware won't break or rust whether you use it inside or outdoors. Perches are package sealed to prevent contamination or bugs. Perch is guaranteed free of manufacturing defects and hardware is guaranteed for life.*

The main reason I think parrots love NU Perches so much is because they can pick a comfortable spot of just the right diameter to sit on.

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