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Nutty Babysitter - Stainless Steel - Hand made in the USA

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Nutty Babysitter - is an all stainless steel bird toy that will keep your bird busy! We Have two versions of this toy, hanging or cage mount. The toy has 3.0mm welded orings on the 2.0mm chain that consist of stainless beads. For the hanging version, it has two 2" washers, bolt & wing nut and does not require a quick link. See video.

Hanging Version - there are various stainless items on 3" long 1/4"-20 bolts, all items turns and has other objects in line next to the nut. The nuts at both ends of the bolt are in a fixed position and can not be turned by your bird unless he has a wrench!! Above the bolted area is 2.0mm chain with beads and washers for hanging. This awesome toy measures with quick link just about 11" high and 5" wide. This toy is meant to hang from above or to the side of cage bars or other area. This version of the Nutty Babysitter measures 10" from top to bottom in hanging position and is 5" wide
  • Designed for birds from small to medium size and some larger birds. Large birds could get the end nut off with their beak strength possibly.
Shipping weight: 10 oz.
Hand Made in the USA by Blu's Bird Toys
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