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Parrot Nail Trimmer Stone

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For all size parrots!

I finally found the best in class parrot nail trimmer! 

The Parrot Nail Trimmer Stone is the best way for owners to be able to trim/ file their parrot's nails and beak themselves. This trimmer is specifically designed for effective use on parrot nails.

Going to the vet or store for grooming can be costly and stressful. Grooming perches certainly help quite a bit making a trim last longer but usually can't keep up with the nail growth for most birds. Cutting bird talons with scissors yourself can be VERY risky. It is possible to cut the quick which will result in bleeding or accidentally cut a toe.

With this nail trimming stone, you'll be able to file your birds nails quickly, effectively, and safely. Your bird will let you know before you get to the quick because it will get uncomfortable. Or, if you do reach the quick, you will see a little blood before you end up going too far and causing serious bleeding. You can't hurt the bird when filing the nails yourself this way. 

Unlike nail files for humans, this Parrot Nail Trimmer Stone is MUCH more rigid and strong. Nail files for humans are usually made of paper or foam and bird talons rip right through them. Worse yet, if the parrots get their beak on them, they can tear them to shreds. Parrot claws are much tougher than human nails and require a stronger abrasive to get them in shape. This trimmer stone is completely rigid so it doesn't flex and bend like a human nail file. This helps make removal to shorten the bird nails go much easier and faster. You don't want nail trimming on your bird to take any longer than it needs to.

Reduce stress by training your parrot to allow you to file its nails using this trimmer. You can do just a few claws a day rather than stressing the bird out doing everything at once at a groomer.

Give your bird a pedicure and a beak trim with peace of mind. The Parrot Nail Trimmer Stone is the fastest, easiest, and safety way for bird owners to trim parrot nail on their own.

One size works for all parrots including: Budgie, Lovebird, Parrotlet, Cockatiel, Conure, Ringneck, Quaker, Senegal parrot, Caique, Amazon, African Grey, Eclectus, Cockatoo, and Macaw.

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