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TOPs Parrot Food Bird Bread Mix - Mediterranean

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You asked for it, and now it's here. TOP's Parrot Food Premium Birdie Bread Mix. This premium mix is USDA Organic Certified and made from the same natural ingredients as our pellets. Available in four delicious flavors: Cajun Spice, Blueberry Burst, Peas and Carrots and Mediterranean. Also available in a 4-Pack Bundle so try all four flavors. An easy-to-follow recipe is included to walk you through making this delightful treat for your companion. REMINDER: TOP's Birdie Bread Mix is larger than our competition's products. Use only 2 cups per batch. Please read the directions and measure 2 cups to begin. The 4-cup bag is enough for two (2) batches, so go ahead and cook up some of this delicious Birdie Bread and let us know what you think! Be one of the first to get this new product to our lineup. Order today. Ingredients: Alfalfa leaf*, millet hulled*, barley*, rice*, [The following ingredients comprise no more than 5% of total volume each.] sunflower seed hulled*, sesame seeds unhulled*, quinoa whole*, buckwheat hulled*, dandelion leaf powder*, carrot powder*, spinach leaf powder*, seaweeds* (purple dulse & kelp), rose hips powder*, rose hips crushed*, orange peel powder*, lemon peel powder*, rosemary whole leaf*, cayenne ground*, crushed red chili peppers*, nettle leaf*, cinnamon*, dried red pepper*. *organic

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