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The Ultimate Foraging Play Bin filled with Foot Toys for Large Birds

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For all Large Size birds and Cockatoos. This arrives shrink wrapped and all ready for gift giving!

One - Foot Toy and Play Bin Foot Toy and Play Bin for Large Parrots -- a must have for every large bird!

This is what I call the silent Parrot Babysitter! Place this durable, washable plastic bin on the floor or bottom of your birds enclosure and fill with foot toys and toy parts. Watch how each day they go there to discover what fun is in store each day!

The Foot Toy Bin Comes in a variety of colors which will be randomly selected unless you specify a desired color (i.e. green, dark blue, purple, pink, teal). If that color is available I will of course fulfill your request.

One - Refillable Buffet Ball Foot Toy - 3.5" diameter: this is mega fun for macaws and large cockatoos but also can be used by medium size birds. This easy to fill and refill with favorite treats, nuts, crinkle paper and more! Where convenience for bird parents meets fun for the fids! By Feathered Land Paradise fka Caitec

One - Jasper Chunky Wood Block Foot Toy from Bite Me Birdie Hand Made in USA Foot Toy made of dense pine and bird safe leather. Once enjoyed, you can refill the leather!

One - Lighthouse Hard Birch Wood Foraging Foot Toy from Bite Me Birdie These are so much fun for the large birds! Simply stick shelled pine nuts into the holes and throw this into their toy bucket. Your bird will first forage for the Lighthouse then forage for the pine nuts. Refillable and Reusable for most large birds. The birch wood is more dense and can last longer than pine.

Two - Saturn Foot Toys by Bite Me Birdie. 4 different pieces of wood bound by bird safe leather makes this fun for birds. Leather can be refilled after the foot toy is enjoyed.

Two - Wooden Stick Green Pine Tree Talon Toy by Bite Me Birdie - a holdable hardwood Tree.

Two - Wooden Stick Snowman Talon Toy by Bite Me Birdie - a holdable hardwood Snowman

One - Seagrass Ring with 4 Colorful Chewable Bagels 5" Diameter -- this makes a GREAT foot toy for the Large and Extra Large Birds but also can be used in a foraging tray or dish with all size birds. By Super Critter Creations. Assembled in the USA.

Loadable Firecracker Foraging Foot Toy for Large and Extra Large Birds by Feather Paradise

One - Silicon Hol-ee Foraging Football for Large Birds as a Foot Toy and Small / Medium Birds as a Ground Foraging Toy -- Refillable, Washable, great to stuff with nuts and watch your bird work for their favorites!

One - Foraging Munch Ball by Cheep Thrills - A large vine ball crammed full to drive your bird nuts! 5" Diameter.

One - 2 oz Color Combo Crinkle Paper

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