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Whole Food Supplement Bundle

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This bundle contains:

Nourish! Whole Food Supplement in refillable shaker from China Prairie

Our Nourish Whole Food Supplement is comprised of all natural unprocessed ingredients that add an additional layer of nutrients to your bird’s daily diet. Using this supplement is easy! Simply sprinkle the powder on uiur bird’s fresh foods and mix together.

Nourish! Contains beneficial dry seeds coupled with nutrient dense powders in one formulation.

Ingredients: organic ground flax seed, organic hemp hearts, organic chia seeds, organic poppy seeds; organize sesame seeds, organic coconut powder, organic moorings powder, organic hibiscus powder, organic calendula powder, organic dandelion leaf powder, organic papaya leaf powder, organic apple powder, montmorillionite clay.

Virgin Coconut Oil - Gold Label - 16 oz. - 1 Pint

Virgin Coconut Oil - Gold Label - 1 Pint (16 oz glass jar)

Virgin Palm Oil - 16 oz. - 1 pint

Tropical Traditions Virgin Palm Oil comes from West Africa, NOT South East Asia. Palm oil is native to the tropical areas of Africa, where it grows wild. It is a traditional oil used for more than 5000 years in African countries, where small-scale family farms flourish. When you purchase Tropical Traditions Virgin Palm Oil, you are supporting small scale family producers in Africa, and NOT large corporate plantations in South East Asia.

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