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Window NU Perch by Parrot Wizard

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Every Bird and Bird Parent needs this!!

The Window NU Perch by Parrot Wizard is a comfortable wood perch that attaches to any window or tile wall. Your parrot will enjoy the comfort of the patent pending NU Perch while having the chance to watch out of your window. The NU Perch is the most comfortable perch you can get for your parrot. It blends the best of the quality of machined perches and the variation of natural perches. Your bird can sit on this perch comfortably for hours. You can also use this perch anywhere else with smooth flat walls.

The perch attaches to your window with three rubber suction cups. A clear round plexiglass panel keeps your parrot from being able to detach or chew the mounting mechanism. The perch can be directly replaced with any cage style NU Perch if it becomes chewed or worn

This is a one size fits most perch for all small to medium sized parrots including: Budgie, Cockatiel,Lovebird, Conure, Senegal Parrot, Ringneck, Galah, African Grey, Eclectus, Amazon, small cockatoos, and small macaws under 500g. The included perch is a 12inch Medium NU Perch. Assembly is quick and easy.

· 3 suction cups for better grip
· Plexiglass divider prevents chewing
· Comfortable NU Perch
· No assembly required
· Replaceable perch
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