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100% Freeze Dried Strawberries by Bird Bites Generous 1 Cup Size

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100% Strawberries- Bird Bites Healthy Freeze Dried Treats

A bag of freeze dried strawberries, nothing added. No preservatives, no fillers. 100% fruit, and that's all. Made with human grade everything. Trust us, they're totally yummy.

Bird Bites freeze dries everything themselves with only the best fruits, selected at peak ripeness, then washed and prepared for immediate preservation. Please beware of some freeze dried fruits sold at large chains - many fruits are freeze dried in China and then sent back over to the states, only to be repackaged. Not only are these fruits not fresh, but they're also processed under standards that we wouldn't give our own pets.

Approximately a half ounce per bag. (Strawberries are SUPER light!)

What is freeze dried?

Awesome. That's what it is. How many of us WANT to give our bird the best possible diet but find ourselves short of time? Just like eating healthy ourselves, life gets in the way, we get it. Trust us, we definitely get it! Buuuut... now you can give your bird fresh vegetables with the convenience of simply scooping it out the same way you would pellets or seed.

Hellloooo, Bird Bites!

The freeze drying process is as close to feeding fresh as you can get. It preserves the freshness of the ingredients within and retains nearly 100% of nutrients.

The produce in our chop is hand selected by Bird Bites, and prepared by them. Only the freshest (no mushy, old stuff here!) fruits and veggies are chosen, washed, chopped and freeze dried in a clean, professional setting.

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