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Shower NU Perch by Parrot Wizard

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Every Bird and Bird Parent needs this!!

The Shower NU Perch by Parrot Wizard gives you an easy way to get your parrot in the shower! It features a comfortable, easy to grip, waterproof, familiar, Clean EZ NU Perch. All of the familiar shape and texture of a NU Perch in a waterproof, gritty, bird-safe, plastic.

Take your parrot in the shower with you to wash the parrot and sing shower tunes together! This perch gives your parrot a safe, comfortable, familiar, and exciting place to stand with in the shower. Frequent bathing is important for your parrot's cleanliness and health.

The Shower NU Perch comes with all the same features and benefits of a Window NU Perch but with a plastic rather than wood perch for exposure to water.

This special shower perch attaches easily to a glass shower door, tile, or window with 3 suction cups. A clear round plexiglass panel keeps your parrot from being able to detach or chew the mounting mechanism.

This is a one size fits most perch for all small to medium sized parrots including: Budgie, Cockatiel,Lovebird, Conure, Senegal Parrot, Ringneck, Galah, African Grey, Eclectus, Amazon, small cockatoos, and small macaws under 500g.

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