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Thrive! Best Bird Box — Small & Medium Birds

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For parrots who cannot crack nuts in shell - budgies, cockatiels, conures, quakers, senegals, greys, small macaw/cockatoo & others.

Lasts 1-4 months!

BEST: Want the Best for your bird? This best Box is for you and it includes a FREE gift for your bird!

It's Easy to do! -- Simply open the packages and mix all of the ingredients together!
Lasts 1-4 months depending upon how many birds in your flock!

1 Lb TOPs Parrot Food Organic Dream Mix — USDA Organic (EXCLUSIVE to C4AW)
1 Lb TOPs Parrot Food Pellets — USDA Organic
1 Lb TOPs Parrot Food All in One Seed Mix — USDA Organic
8 oz Oh! Mega / Conserve from China Prairie
8 oz Mixed Tree Nuts — Shelled
8 oz Parrot Mix from Argires snacks (mixed dried unsweetened, unsulfered fruit including banana chips, sunflower seeds)
2 oz Freeze Dried Meal Worms from Fluker’s Farms
3 cups Freeze Dried Sprout/ Chunky Chop Combo (1 cup Sprouts; 2 cups Chunky Chop)
2.5 oz NEW! Blossom Dried Edible Flower Blend from China Prairie (15 ingredients including a variety of edible flowers, spices, milk thistle, and microgreens)
FREE Surprise Gift for your Bird

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