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NEW! Summer Picnic Foraging Flat by Cheap Thrills Bird Toys

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What is a Foraging Flat?

Foraging Flats were designed after seeing the wonderful video shown above of a customer's Cockatiel digging through natural goodies. So often, we try to promote this kind of foraging but at the same time, are also aware that many of our customers don't have the time or all the supplies needed to create their own. Which is why we decided to take all the hard work out! These come pre-assembled. Simply shake to "fluff up" the contents, unwrap, and then toss a portion of your parrot's favorite treat inside. Everything inside the packaging is safe and non-toxic. Simply lay it on a safe, flat surface and watch your feathered kid go to town!

Choose From the Following Foraging Flat "Flavors":

Carnival in Rio - Colorful with Yucca Slices (Standard Crinkle Paper Base)

Colorful and festive, our "Carnival in Rio" Foraging Flat is perhaps the most colorful of them all. With a Crinkle Paper base, Carnival has Yucca Slices, Palm Lily Pads & Bamboo Foragers to top it off.

Summer Picnic - Lots and Lots of Willow Vine (Standard Crinkle Paper Base)

A colorful mix of red, white and blue paper shreds, topped with Fun stars and stripes and crunchy corn on the cob.

Bird the Builder - A Balsa Paradise (Standard Crinkle Paper Base)

If your bird falls into the category of Balsa Lover, this is the Foraging Flat for them! Lots of miscellaneous balsa chunks plus palm, coconut husk and bamboo pieces on a bed of natural crinkle paper.

Campfire in the Woods - A Sola Lover's Dream (Premium Coconut Husk Base)

Who doesn't love marshmallows (sola!) over a warm fire? Our "Campfire in the Woods" Foraging Flat is a woodsy mix that offers a stimulating mix of different natural textures in a variety of sola and pine cones, all topping a bed of hearty coconut husk.

Going on Safari - Enjoy Mahogany Pods Galore (Premium Cork Nugget Base)

Invite your flock to take an adventure with this tantalizing variety of textures that's sure to rouse their curiosity. Yucca Slices, Mahogany Pods and Pine Cones on a premium bed of chewy cork nuggets.

Candy Shop - Great for Paper Lovers (Premium Coconut Finger Base)

Your birb will be like a fid in a candy store with our creatively crafted "Candy Shop" Foraging Flat. Palm, Bamboo, Paper Straws and Cupcake Wrappers, Foraging Cups and more top a flashy base of bird safe paper.

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